Hire me as the keynote speaker for your next event and I’ll inspire and empower your team to do their best work while feeling more fulfilled in their lives.

Whether you compete in the pool or the boardroom, your team deserves to feel fulfilled in their lives and careers.

But achieving that goal in an authentic, balanced, and holistic way is becoming harder and harder in today’s frenetic digital world. That’s why the messages I have to share in my keynotes and workshops are so valuable for companies today.

I’ll help empower your team to find the unique fuel source that drives them to do their best work in a rewarding and sustainable way.

Who I Want to Work With

I want to work with companies that value their team’s experience, confidence, and self-growth. Companies whose intentions are aligned with helping their people to evolve not just as better employees, but as better people.

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  • “Dana’s keynote address was not only inspiring, but highly entertaining. Dana is an absolute light, whose humility and vulnerability denotes her courage and her true dynamism. She has woven her story and her Olympic feats into an impactful narrative of authentic leadership, the power of vulnerability, and of the courage it takes to truly look at oneself in the mirror and see the real superwoman behind the mask.”

    Daniella Kahane
    Executive Director, WIN Summit
  • "Dana was the keynote speaker to close our 2021 virtual wellness event. She is as professional in the business world as she was during her elite swimmer career. Dana connected to the virtual audience with her warmth and authenticity. She shared moments of vulnerability along her sweet journey of self-discovery. She inspired us to become better through a new approach to self-development that empowers personal growth and long-lasting success. Her story was incredible. More people should get to hear her inspirational message. I'm glad we did. "

    Rita Lee
    Director of Research and Wealth Advisor at Brouwer & Janachowski
  • "As a professional speaker for Team USA these last 24 years, I heartily recommend Dana Vollmer as a presenter who can take your program to the next level. Dana is one of Team USA's most dynamic and trained speakers who delivers an ovation every time!"

    Josh Davis
    USA Swim Clinics
  • “Dana was fantastic. Her message of overcoming her fears and using what many view as a weakness as her guiding strength for her own success not only resonated with the adults in the room, but also the girls.”

    Katherine Curtis
    CFRE, Girl Scouts
  • “Dana's authenticity and thoughtfulness in our conversation was refreshing. She wasn't afraid to dive into some challenging topics, such as losing a sense of trust in herself as a star young athlete, navigating motherhood, and making the decision to retire from competitive swimming. She has an awesome ability to connect the lessons learned from a life in swimming to life out of the pool, which is exactly what I was looking for in bringing her on my show. Our audience gained some invaluable insight in hearing her story.”

    Hannah Lichtenstein
    Run Along Podcast Host
  • “Few successful people have a straight line to the top. I remember seeing Dana on TV winning medals in the Olympics, but I never knew that her journey to the podium required incredible resilience, self-awareness and determination. As the first swimmer to win a gold medal after having a baby, she’s an example and inspiration to all of us about finding the inner strength to be better and better. I’m so glad we could hear Dana’s story!”

    Eric Flett
    Concentric Wealth Management in Lafayette, CAh Martin Financial Planning Association of the East Bay, Program Director
  • Dana is a powerful and engaging speaker and leader. She brings each audience through highs and lows of her extraordinary athletic career and masterfully links her learnings there to your life now. Dana delivers a courageous and heartfelt look at our shared humanity that will connect you to this Olympic hero and inspire you to do better at your own game - whatever that might be. 

    Irene Pace
    International Wellness Speaker, Author and Nutritionist
  • “Dana Vollmer is one of the most celebrated olympic athletes in the world. She is also an immensely talented speaker. Yet, there is something so much more that exudes from her when she speaks. There is an invisible, yet palpable, presence of something powerful, inspirational, and wholly influential in who she is.”

    Dr. Matt Lyon
    Chiropractic. Applied Kinesiology. Coaching.

The Topics I Speak About

  • Unraveling Superwoman
    Keynote Speech

    Uncover the deep motivations that fuel you to achieve great things—and discover how much more fulfilling and sustainable success can be when you approach it on your terms.

  • Priority Pieces
    Keynote Speech

    Piece together a life and career you love. By prioritizing what matters to you individually, you empower yourself to develop the life balance you deserve.

  • Thread by Thread

    Your team will learn a step-by-step system to develop their own personal path to success. Strap in for deep reflections, analysis, and developing strategies that empowers each member of your team!

Dana’s Bio

My Olympic career began when I competed at the 2000 Olympic Trials at just 12 years old.

Four years later I had won a gold medal and helped break a 17-year-old world record. My career as an elite swimmer lasted 19 years, during which I competed in 3 Olympics, won 32 international medals, and broke 6 world records. In that time I learned what it takes to succeed in the water—both physically and mentally. I love the opportunity to share my knowledge and strategies with the next generation of swimmers.

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