Thread by Thread Workshop

Develop the foundation you need to achieve success that leads to true fulfillment.

Help your team develop the foundation they need to feel empowered and hit their goals—both in and out of the office.

The Thread-by-Thread workshop will teach your team how to pursue a more fulfilling and empowering path to lasting success. This intensive program will guide your team through a step by step process that enables deep reflection, self analysis, and awareness that enables them to create the strong foundation needed to perform at their best.

Based on the underlying concepts in my Unraveling Superwoman keynote, the Thread by Thread workshop is for teams that want to dig deep and make true, lasting changes.

Your team will reflect on past experiences and understand how those experiences are shaping their conscious and subconscious decisions. They’ll learn to identify the fuel sources that motivate and energize them to do their best work and how to apply this to their goals. We will dive into what builds self-confidence and how to prepare for life’s biggest moments. At the end, you’ll be given a report with valuable information on what really inspires your people—so you’ll know how to engage, galvanize, and interact with your team to achieve remarkable results.

In This Workshop, You’ll…

  • Gain deeper insight into yourself and learn what is shaping your current views and definitions

  • Discover your unique fuel source, and learn how to tap into it to achieve more success and fulfilment

  • Boost your self-confidence through improved self-worth, self-talk, and body image

  • Better understand and align your goals with what empowers you

  • Transform your path to success into a journey of fulfillment

  • “Our team had an amazing experience working with Dana! We grew closer as a program over the five weeks as we bonded through sharing our goals and life experiences. Dana was able to create an environment where each member of the team had a platform to be their authentic selves and develop their own plan that defined their success. I would encourage any team or group that is looking to grow a culture of excellence through individual self-discovery, this is the program for you!”

    Ian Walsh
  • "Dana's message and heartfelt delivery totally spoke and moved the current Golden Bear team. She's willing to share her journey; successes and challenges, in a way that encourages them to seek their own answers. Her message resonates with a wide and diverse audience and I encourage you to have her address your group too."

    Teri McKeever
    Head Coach Women's Swimming and Diving
  • “Dana holds a compassion and care for this world that exudes from her in an elegant eloquence. She is a way maker. I have been personally, permanently, and positively impacted by her speaking, her story, and her soulful teachings. I smile at the thought of the countless lives that are changed because of who she is and how she speaks. “

    Dr. Matt Lyon
    Chiropractic. Applied Kinesiology. Coaching.

The Topics I Speak About

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