Unraveling Superwoman Keynote

It’s the image of who you think you need to be that’s holding you back.

Too many people crumble under the weight of expectations that diffuse their focus and drain their energy. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this keynote, I challenge the traditional path to reaching your goals and discover a more holistic and sustainable understanding of your journey. Along the way you’ll uncover your unique fuel source, and learn to forge a path toward a more fulfilling and rewarding future.

A future where you’re no longer focused on who you think you need to be, but instead leveraging the power of who you already are.

Early in my career, I found myself driving down the path to burnout.

I put all my focus into doing everything “right” and striving for the career trajectory that everyone else envisioned for me. But missing the Olympic team forced me to take a long and hard look at my priorities. It wasn’t easy, but in time I learned how to put my goals in alignment with the things that really mattered to me. My new approach helped me to come back strong—winning 32 international medals and breaking 6 world records over an incredibly rewarding 19-year Olympic career.

And now, in my Unraveling Superwoman Keynote, I’ll change the way you think about reaching success—giving you the tools to analyze your goals, self-reflect on your past experiences, understand what ignites your motivation, and reshape your reality.

In This Keynote, You’ll…

  • Free yourself from the anxiety-inducing grip of perfectionism

  • Discover your unique fuel source, and learn how to tap into it

  • Approach life on your terms, so you can pursue the goals that really matter to you

  • Learn how to avoid the expectations and stresses that drain your energy and lead to burnout

  • “Dana’s keynote address was not only inspiring, but highly entertaining. Dana is an absolute light, whose humility and vulnerability denotes her courage and her true dynamism. She has woven her story and her Olympic feats into an impactful narrative of authentic leadership, the power of vulnerability, and of the courage it takes to truly look at oneself in the mirror and see the real superwoman behind the mask.”

    Daniella Kahane
    Executive Director, WIN Summit
  • "Dana was the keynote speaker to close our 2021 virtual wellness event. She is as professional in the business world as she was during her elite swimmer career. Dana connected to the virtual audience with her warmth and authenticity. She shared moments of vulnerability along her sweet journey of self-discovery. She inspired us to become better through a new approach to self-development that empowers personal growth and long-lasting success. Her story was incredible. More people should get to hear her inspirational message. I'm glad we did. "

    Rita Lee
    Director of Research and Wealth Advisor at Brouwer & Janachowski
  • "I have been an avid fan of Dana Vollmer for over two decades. Her story is inspiring in and of itself; but the way that she discusses her emotions and feelings around competition, expectations and disappointment really allow her to connect with all of us on a deep level. My team was grateful for her candor and her willingness to be vulnerable in sharing very personal experiences. Dana's presentation was interactive, unpretentious and raw. If you have an opportunity to hear her message, I highly recommend it! It will change the way that you engage with others in a positive way."

    Dana Johnson, M.Ed.
    Director of Special Education
  • “Dana was the keynote speaker to open our 2020 virtual conference. She was wonderful to work with from beginning to end! She worked closely with us to adjust the program to meet the audience’s needs and was very helpful when we had to move from in-person to virtual. She spent the time to ensure her session was flawless from a technical and content standpoint. Her presentation was engaging and dynamic. She connected with the audience, even virtually, and told her story in a way that both motivated and excited attendees to rise to the challenge. We would highly recommend her as a motivational speaker! She was awesome!”

    Lisa Ryckeley
    Genesis Director of Operations
  • "Dana's message and heartfelt delivery totally spoke and moved the current Golden Bear team. She's willing to share her journey; successes and challenges, in a way that encouraged them to seek their own answers. Her message resonates with a wide and diverse audience and I encourage you to have her address your group too."

    Teri McKeever
    Head Coach Women's Swimming and Diving
  • “Few successful people have a straight line to the top. I remember seeing Dana on TV winning medals in the Olympics, but I never knew that her journey to the podium required incredible resilience, self-awareness and determination. As the first swimmer to win a gold medal after having a baby, she’s an example and inspiration to all of us about finding the inner strength to be better and better. I’m so glad we could hear Dana’s story!”

    Eric Flett
    Concentric Wealth Management in Lafayette, CAh Martin Financial Planning Association of the East Bay, Program Director
  • "Dana holds a compassion and care for this world that exudes from her in an elegant eloquence. She is a way maker. I have been personally, permanently, and positively impacted by her speaking, her story, and her soulful teachings. I smile at the thought of the countless lives that are changed because of who she is and how she speaks."

    Matt Lyon

The Topics I Speak About

  • Priority Pieces
    Keynote Speech

    Piece together a life and career you love. By prioritizing what matters to you individually, you empower yourself to develop the life balance you deserve.

  • Thread by Thread

    Your team will learn a step-by-step system to develop their own personal path to success. Strap in for deep reflections, analysis, and developing strategies that empower each member of your team!

Empower your people to achieve great things—and create a culture of success in your organization. Book Dana for a keynote or workshop today!