Priority Pieces Keynote

Life can often feel like a puzzle. But when you know how to put it together in a way that prioritizes the most important pieces, you create a remarkable life…without compromising the things that are most meaningful and rewarding to you.

Being a world-class Olympian isn’t easy. It takes time and requires sacrifices.

But at the same time, I didn’t want to compromise on certain things that mattered to me—like having a family and ambitions outside of sports. Over time I learned how to identify and combine the important things and create a well-rounded life…and in this keynote, I’ll help change the way you think about prioritizing all the different pieces in your life.

My journey to the Olympics changed how I want to  pursue the rest of my life.

Anytime you strive to achieve a big goal—whether it’s bringing home the gold, winning a new client, getting a big promotion, etc.—it can be easy to develop tunnel vision and neglect the other parts of your life. That kind of narrow focus can be productive in the short term, but over a lifetime it will cause you to miss out on many of life’s biggest joys.

In my Priority Pieces Keynote, I’ll teach you how I was able to broaden the focus of my life to encompass all the things that make me happy—while still maintaining the focus and dedication to succeed on the world’s biggest stage—and how you can do it, too.

In This Keynote, You’ll…

  • Identify and separate the pieces of your life that matter from the ones that don’t

  • Let go of the expectations that are pulling you away from what really matters

  • Learn how even a world-class performer can make time for a family and more of life’s joys

  • Engineer a life you love—without compromising on things that are most important to you

  • "Dana Vollmer is one of the most celebrated olympic athletes in the world. She is also an immensely talented speaker. Yet, there is something so much more that exudes from her when she speaks. There is an invisible, yet palpable, presence of something powerful, inspirational, and wholly influential in who she is."

    Dr Matt Lyon
    Chiropractic. Applied Kinesiology. Coaching.
  • “I have watched Dana Vollmer grow up as a professional swimmer and speaker these last 20 years. Her commitment to study and apply the principles of peak performance while making 3 Olympic Games, build a business and raise a family is inspiring. And Dana's comeback story of overcoming setbacks and injuries to win Olympic Gold in a world record time is incredible! More importantly, she found balance and joy in the process. Her message is relevant, authentic and powerful for any audience.”

    Josh Davis
    USA Swim Clinics

The Topics I Speak About

  • Unraveling Superwoman
    Keynote Speech

    Uncover the deep motivations that fuel you to achieve great things—and discover how much more fulfilling and sustainable success can be when you approach it on your terms.

  • Thread by Thread

    Your team will learn a step-by-step system to develop their own personal path to success. Strap in for deep reflections, questioning norms, and developing strategies to empowers each member of your team!

Empower your people to achieve great things—and create a culture of success in your organization. Book Dana for a keynote or workshop today!